Irelamb Pure Woollen Tweed Comfort products

We make the unique Irelamb range of 100% natural fibre  comfort products. Using superb designs from some of the famous woollen weavers of Ireland, like Magee, John Hanly, and Foxford, these practical items become handsome pieces, and accents in the home. The benefits of pure wool fleece are plentiful – in warm temperatures, excess heat is reduced through the pockets of air, and a consistent temperature is maintained. In low temperatures these pockets create an insulating layer which holds the warmth. Wool can absorb up to one third its own weight in moisture without feeling damp, so the skin remains dry and protected. The relaxing qualities of fleece are well known by retaining the body heat which penetrates muscles and helps blood circulation, thus facilitating natural comfort of aches and pains. We offer a range that includes chair pads, full rugs, back rests, neck rests and folding seat pads for sports goers.

We also have our woollen fleece pressure-relieving medical range of products, available from Murrays Pharmacy Talbot Street Dublin 1, also Medical Mobility, Clash Road, Tralee, and online on

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